Art has always been something I have enjoyed.  From as young as I can remember I would sit down in my Dads  drawing room and doodle while he worked as an architect and drew houses.  While  I was in school I loved to enter all the art contests and  as I got older I was so excited to  be able to choose to take art classes. My notes in college were often covered with more doodles than useful notes. I started drawing logos and designs for friends and local companies and I get so excited to see my art on stickers, shirts or other items.  When I  started  with spray paint, I felt like all the ideas I had and wanted to paint came together and it has been my go-to medium for the past few years.  

I love how immersed I can get in art, I truly find myself in the zone, and it has been a great way to create and find inspiration.  


I  grew up in Bountiful Utah, but currently reside in Santa Cruz California.  All of my pieces are originals and are for sale. At this point I do not have any prints.  Contact me if you are interested in a piece, and if it has already been sold, I am always happy to re-paint  one!


Thanks for looking, and I hope you find some joy and inspiration  from my art!